Mastic and Plastering

In short, mastic and plaster keep water where it's supposed to be. Leaks are guaranteed to drain your wallet. A properly plastered pool is critical for pool efficiency and savings. Need we say more?

Plaster is a thin layer of waterproof material designed to cover the shell of concrete used in in-ground pools. Besides sealing water in, it provides a smooth surface for comfortable swimming.

How do you know if its time to replaster?

Here are a few things to look for (and we will too):
-mineral stains that ruin the look of your pool

-darker structural material showing through the waterproof layer of plaster

-scratched feet or swim wear from jagged plaster surfaces

-dirt gathering in cracks or pits of the plaster. It shouldn't be a rough surface.

Mastic is a sealant that connects that pool deck to the brick or stone around it. This sealant expands and contracts with the weather acting as a "joint".

How do you know if it's time to mastic?

Look for:


- decking develops cracks

- decking falls away from the coping

- deck rising

-your tiles fall off