Chemical Management and PH Balancing

Chemical levels in a pool ebb and flow. The environment below the surface of the water is constantly changing in response to the environment above. For this reason, a pool requires constant attention to reach and sustain an equilibrium. As part of our weekly service we will regulate your pool chemical levels and add what is needed each week. This service is no additional cost to your monthly fee.

To give you and idea of how complicated this can be, here is what is we are trying to manage and control each visit:

-chlorine (kills germs and algae)

-total alkalinity (inhibits change in PH)

-PH (maintains a balanced level of acidity)

-Cyanuric Acid (prevents chlorine loss)

-Hardness (prevents scaling and corrosion)

-cooper sulfate (algae control)

and for salt water pools:

-salinity (inhibits change in chlorine levels)